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Wisdom Weaving Collective & Amazon Roots

September 12, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This is an introduction, to native people of the amazon called Huni Kuin. Sharing their customs, Culture and extensive Shamanic Wisdom. Txana Masha (pronounced Shana) is the son of a Chief and like his father is an advocate for the ecological heritage of his people’s native lands. He will be sharing his wisdom, music and medicine such as Hape (rape) and Sananga. I (Lucho) can provide info on both, as for a description.


The Huni Kuin, also known as “The True People” and/or “People of the Smoke” are an Indigenous people that live in the Brazilian state of Acre and the border of Peru. They are part of the Pano linguistic family, which includes other indigenous groups in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. The Huni Kuin have a rich cultural heritage that includes shamanism, storytelling, music, and art.

With a population of more than 20,000 people, they have one of the largest populations of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil. Their territory is spread over 5 municipalities (Tarauaca, Feijó, Santa Rosa, Jordão, and Marechal Thaumaturgo) and over 100 villages.

They have faced many challenges throughout their history including colonization by the Catholic Church and land invasions/theft and forced labor by rubber tappers and miners, but after many years of resistance and fighting for their rights, and a process of rediscovering their ancestral wisdom and practices, they are now in a new era. An era of Indigenous rights, defending and revitalizing their culture, and spreading their messages as stewards of the rainforest all around the world as a stand against climate change.

They’re now dedicated to preserving and reviving their rich heritage with festivals, gatherings, and the passing of wisdom from elders to the youth. They’re renowned for their plant medicine expertise and have inspired interest in their traditions worldwide as well as respect for their contribution to Amazon conservation.

Today, many of their leaders travel the world forming alliances with organizations, activists, artists, and supporters to share their music and culture, secure economic advancement for their people, and advocate for the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.


Txana Masha comes from a traditional family lineage of Pajés (medicine men/healers) and Txanas (ritual singers). He is one of sixteen siblings, a father to five children, all of who are on the path of traditional medicines as well, and he lives with his people in the Amazon spread out in five villages along the Humaita River. Since a very young age, Masha has been studying and consecrating medicine.

Txana Masha is also a traditional herbalist and has a vast knowledge of the many other medicinal plants of the forest. In the past, he has been contracted by the city to visit villages throughout the region to facilitate healing work. Txana Masha is the son of a chief, and like his father, Masha is an advocate for the ecological heritage of his people’s native lands. Txana Masha learned to speak Portuguese fluently at around 20 years old. From an early age, he assumed the responsibility to be a keeper and practitioner of his ancestral wisdom. He has been representing and spreading the message of the Huni Kuin people all over the world for the last decade.


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September 12, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Spirit Well Sensory Lounge
872 South Colorado Avenue
Stuart, FL 34994 United States
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