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Magic Mondays Restorative Yoga with Amy Spicer

Spirit Well Sensory Lounge 872 South Colorado Avenue, Stuart

Are you feeling anxious or fatigued? Take the time to still your busy mind and restore balance of body, mind and spirit. Cultivate compassion for yourself and feel it ripple outwards. What is Restorative Yoga? Restorative yoga is a practice that emphasizes relaxation and releasing tension in the body. It involves holding poses for extended periods of time, often with the support of props such as blankets and bolsters, to promote deep relaxation and healing. Restorative yoga is often used to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and promote overall wellbeing. About Our Hostess Amy Spicer has received over 200 hours of training and is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. She owned her own studio, YogaLove, in Pennsylvania before relocating to Florida. She is a certified Medical Intuitive and trained as an energy healer at Damanhur University in Northern Italy. Read more about Amy here... Please arrive 15mins early. Bring your own mat or use one of ours! 🎟 Click here to RSVP 🎟