Healy™ Diagnostic Machine

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Healy Diagnostic

Are you looking to achieve optimum health? Whether you’re at peak wellness or living with chronic conditions, this can help you center with more intention and less guesswork.

The Healy Diagnostic is a wearable bioresonance device that uses feedback from the wearer’s body to zone-in on imbalances in the body, and its own vibrational frequencies to correct them.

It contains 16 different programs that are designed to support you in various areas of your life.

Explore Healy's Programs

Gold Cycle



Protection Programs



Bioenergetic Balance (1+2)


Mental Balance

Meridians (1+2)




Deep Cycle

$75 for 60mins

Offered by our CranioSacral Therapist Amy Cedarburg. 

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Intuitive Add-On to CranioSacral Therapy

Available as an add-on to Amy’s CranioSacral Therapy sessions for an additional $25. Amy will intuitively choose the mode she feels will benefit you the most. Visit the CST Landing Page for Details & Booking

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