Herbalism 101 with Adam Flores : Owner of Magick in a Bottle Tonic Bar & Spirit Well’s Resident Herbalist

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We invite you to enter the magical world of plants during this ongoing monthly Herbalism 101 workshop!

I had the pleasure of attending the first session of this wonderful and informative class. Adam and his apprentice, Chloe, work together to present information in an engaging way filled with anecdotes that just wouldn’t be the same in a book or video.

We delved into the uses of essential oils, along with provenance and how essential oils are extracted from plants, and some practical knowledge about how components used in class are labeled to ensure we are sourcing high quality products. Then we worked together to make our own personalized healing balm for use at home. 

What I loved most about this class was the sense of community. We were encouraged to ask questions and to share our own experiences, along with working together to come up with the focus of our next class. It was decided that we will be making a natural, all-purpose cleaner during our August 2023 session.  

Leave a comment below or to stop into the tonic bar to share any topics that may be of interest to you. 

This class is an amazing value — as a bonus you are served a tonic to enjoy during class! Check out the full tonic bar menu here. You will learn new things, go through the process of creating a take-home product, along with spending some time with some like minded souls. You’ll come away with knowledge of how to use plants as medicine in your everyday life.

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