A new reason to visit our peaceful space

⭐️$50/month Annual Membership
⭐️$60/month 6-Month Membership
⭐️$75/month 3-Month Membership

This includes (per month):
4 Sessions on the Vibroacoustic Chair
4 Red Light Therapy Sessions
4 Sessions on the Biomat

(A monthly retail value of $320!)

10% off one Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Session
10% off any retail item

Treat yourself to consistent self-care and healing. You’re worth it!

✨Free Prana Session with Amy Spicer to the first 20 members.

Click here, stop in or give us a call at 772-888-2576 to book.

* It is not required to become a member to book services at Spirit Well.