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I have had many psychic readings over the years, and they seemed to focus either on the future or issues from the past, but somehow Meg’s reading beautifully touched on both. In case you aren’t familiar, Meg Morley is a Psychic / Medium based in the Treasure Coast area.

Her process starts with a few seconds of quiet contemplation, and then the information starts coming through. 

As with most readings, we invariably talked about lost loved ones and pets. Meg was able to validate things that made reflecting on the loss of my loved ones a little bit easier. I was also surprised at the accurate details she provided about my pets that have crossed over.

But I think that the biggest takeaway is that she was able to shed some light on how our loved ones experience the spirit realm through our eyes. They see how we grieve for them, how we honor and remember them, and how they feel that love and even experience some happiness, even on the other side, as a result. Grief is such a tricky thing, and it often makes us feel so alone, but we are anything but alone in that process. 

We covered things like health issues, my career, and letting go of things that no longer serve me. She kept seeing an angel wing on my arm, but after a quick conversation, we realized that it was more of a metaphorical wing, perhaps signifying an intervention from the angelic realm. 

I love that she closed the process by giving me a specific visualization process to help me let go of some things that no longer serve me. Meg was also able to give me some very specific and helpful career advice as well. The level of detail was amazing throughout the reading. 

This experience was partly an examination of my past, an illumination of my future, and brought things to light that hadn’t been on my radar for some time. A reading with Meg would be great for anyone looking to reach out to someone on the other side, or wanting to gain some insight about your life from important messages that come through. 

Thanks for Reading!!



Meg does both one-on-one readings ($150 for 45 minutes), private group readings and monthly community group readings ($60 per person) on the third Friday of the month at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge. 

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“A good friend of mine hosted a group reading. I personally had never met Meg. From the moment Meg began the reading for someone in the group it was hard to deny Meg was indeed connecting with our loved ones! My mom came through loud and clear and said intimate things that only she would know! It has provided my family and I with so much peace.”

– Jacqueline M., Jupiter, FL

 “Meg was right on with my reading…she mentioned something about my deceased mother that no one else in the world would’ve known about. She also channeled my beloved dog accurately leaving me with no doubt she is connected to our loved ones on the other side! She absolutely blew my mind!”

– Kim F. ,  Los Angeles, CA


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