My Experience with The Lucia No. 3 Light

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I was intrigued and interested in what Lucia light might bring about for me in terms of healing, but I was astonished by what happened following my treatments. Before we get into that, I want to let you know what to expect during your session with Michele at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge. 

Michele spends some time speaking with you about your medical history and what you might like to focus on for your treatment. There are many programs that she can run based on this conversation. She gives a detailed explanation of what you may experience and is very attentive during the session to ensure everyone is having a wonderful experience. Michele has a beautiful energy and kind demeanor, making you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She also will run a short demo to help you acclimate and know what to expect. 

Each experience you have with Lucia Light will be unique. You can have an intention for the session or just simply see where the light takes you. You may see sacred geometry, colors, or a combination of the two in your mind’s eye. I began to see a wash of a certain color as though someone was painting with watercolors. Some people fall asleep, others feel as though they are floating, and some experience it as a lucid dream. I entered a deep meditative state, where time was no longer a construct. My body felt as though it was simply asleep, but my mind was still somewhat alert and able to focus on my intentions. It is that sweet spot where amazing things can manifest. 

Afterwards, it can take a little bit before you feel completely integrated. It feels like you just woke up from the most fabulous nap, and if I am being completely honest, part of me didn’t want to leave that state of mind. Leave yourself a little time to reconnect to the day and chat with Michele or others in your group about your experience. 

I want to take a moment to share a little bit about my experience after my light sessions. I had both immediate and delayed changes. The immediate changes were having some feeling return to my arm, after having little to no feeling following a surgery 5 years prior. After a few days, I noticed that I had a significant improvement in the range of motion of my arm as well. Another effect for me was I was able to fall asleep faster and was waking up less frequently throughout the night. According to the website for Lucia Light, there are many reported benefits such as: pineal gland activation, increased intuition, wonder, clarity, deep relaxation, inner peace, a reset for your nervous system, and increased creativity. 

What I loved most about the experience is Michele’s response to hearing about my healing. She politely declined to take credit, and said that the light helped me to heal myself, which I found so empowering. This is a beautiful modality that can help with a myriad of things. 

Spirit Well has monthly group sessions, along with availability for 1:1 sessions, and group sessions that you can schedule with some friends or family. Stop in or call for availability.

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  1. Shannon

    I loved reading this! I am currently also a client of Michele’s and have been doing 1/2 hour sessions for the last year and a few months now. I too am experiencing amazing things in and after sessions that have greatly impacted my outlook and my whole body health. I have struggled with Lyme and early childhood traumas that this amazing light has helped me to process.. I cannot say enough good things about this light. I love to hear how similarly some things are seen/felt/experienced… this amazing wonder of science and innovation should be available to EVERYONE I feel it just might change the world. 🙏🏼❤️‍🔥


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