My Deeply Relaxing VibroAcoupuncture Experience with Hillary Morris

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Hi there! I’m a part of the Spirit Well Sensory lounge community and I had a really great experience I wanted to share, in hopes that it helps others find a few moments of truly deep relaxation they may really need.

As a 35-year-old mom, wife, entrepreneur and woman of many hats, I’m passionate about trying wellness modalities that REALLY help me find deep relaxation when I need to recharge. Spirit Well has become like a home away from home to me and I recently had a chance to try out a unique Acupuncture hybrid called VibroAcoupuncture.

Hillary Morris, AP, MSTOM is Spirit Well’s seasoned practitioner who joined the collective back in the fall, with an impressive background in Oriental Medicine and a range of holistic and somatic practices. My adventure into the world of VibroAcupuncture was a 20minute up-leveled experience on my old friend, the Satori VibroAcoustic Chair.

What Led Me to VibroAcoupuncture?

In my quest for emotional balance and stress relief, the idea of VibroAcupuncture obviously piqued my interest right away. Hillary Morris is already known locally for her two decades of experience as “Stuart Acupuncture” and is now offering this unique modality as the only practitioner in Florida.

I already spend a lot of time on the cozy couches of the lounge, getting work done or chatting with friends, and I just so happened to be there on a day when Hillary was explaining her idea for the modality. All she had to say was “Deeply Relaxing” and “Targeted Healing” and I was HOOKED.

First Impressions

If you’re a regular, you may have heard this or experienced this before, but when you walk in the front door of Spirit Well, it’s just instant peace & calm. The space has gentle essential oils misting, healing frequencies vibrating and quiet laugher buzzing just behind the soothing sound machines of its treatment rooms —- making it an ideal setting for any therapeutic session.

Believe it or not — even though I’m a seasoned experiencer of wellness modalities, this was my first Acupuncture session. Hillary got me set up in the chair, showed me the needles, explained the process to me and I felt very confident this wasn’t her first rodeo in setting someone up for the best Power Nap of their life.

The VibroAcupuncture Experience

The session began with me reclining on a Vibro-Acoustic chair, curved in an inviting cradle shape and designed to enhance the meditative experience of the chair’s sound vibrations. I put the MindFold over my eyes, put on the noise-cancelling headphones, and dropped into a sensory-deprivated state. As the needles were carefully placed, I quickly felt a sense of calm wash over me.

The healing frequencies of the program Hillary had selected began to vibrate in my ears, the chair vibrated beneath me in sync to the sounds, and my mind & body drifted into a deeply relaxed place.

I wouldn’t say that my every single thought disappeared, but by the time the 20mins was up, I felt like things had quieted down in my head, my to-do list felt a bit less demanding, and I had just taken a refreshing siesta.

I can honestly say that Hillary’s approach is gentle yet profound, focusing on creating the space and allowing you, the chair and the carefully placed needles to blend together. Aside from knowing I couldn’t move my body much, to avoid disrupting them, I couldn’t really tell the needles were there.

As she helped me re-orient myself, Hillary mentioned that this is a somatic therapy that is particularly suited for those grappling with depression, anxiety, and various energy imbalances, aiming to offer the synergistic benefits of both modalities at one time and create an easier to access experience.

About Hillary Morris

Hillary’s journey is as fascinating as her practice. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Yale and a Master’s in Traditional Oriental Medicine, her shift from investment banking to acupuncture is a testament to her dedication to holistic health. Her continuous education, including certifications in Facial Acupuncture and Integrative Somatic Parts Work, reflects her commitment to evolving her clients to higher states of healing within her craft.

You can read Hillary’s full background here.

Final Thoughts

My VibroAcupuncture session was much more than a 30minute power nap; it was an experience in understanding how different modalities can harmoniously work together to create deeper healing.

If you’re curious about this unique wellness modality, consider booking a session with Hillary Morris at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge. It might just be the quick reset you need.

Thanks for reading!


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