Menu of Offerings

Our menu of offerings has been carefully curated to soothe your senses. Here they are organized by sense;
Sight,  ScentSoundTaste,  TouchExtrasensory
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Red Light Therapy

Only red light therapy can reach all the way into a cell’s mitochondria to stimulate healing and regeneration to help improve your appearance, performance, and overall well-being. Studies have shown it can soften signs of aging, heal sun damage and speed up healing of skin. Click Here to Read More

4 Sessions Per Month Included in Our Membership (Click to Read More)

$1 per Minute


VibroAcoustic Chair

Looking to achieve deeper levels of relaxation and alleviate pain and anxiety? Look no further. The Satori Chair is a new type of technology that distributes vibrational frequencies to targeted areas of the body for deep levels of meditation. Click Here to Read More

$45 for >30mins | $60 for 30+mins

4 Sessions Per Month Included in Our Membership (Click to Read More)

* Stop in for your first visit and receive a complimentary first session on the chair!

Healy Diagnostic

The Healy is a bioresonance device that contains 16 program groups with over 152 individual programs that can support you in all areas of life, through biofeedback measurement of your aura / energy field. This option sets aside extra time for a dedicated Healy session. Click Here to Read More

$75 for 30mins

Available for $25 as an add-on during the timeframe of any CranioSacral Therapy session – Amy will intuitively choose the mode she feels will support your wellbeing. Visit CranioSacral Therapy, book as usual and select “Healy Diagnostic” as an add-on.

Sound Bath

From ancient times, sound has been used to heal using a variety of instruments. Allow the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, rain stick and more to move through you to help you relax and elevate your mood and spirits led by our Frequency Alchemist, Lauren.

$144 for 60min 1-on-1 Session

$35 for 60min CommUNITY Sound Bath (Monthly)

Kirtan & Chanting, Bhakti Circle, Drum Circle, Sacred Ceremony ...Join Our Conscious Community!

We host a variety of events to help you relax, soothe yourself, reset and “surrender to the rhythm”.


Magick in a Bottle Tonic Bar


CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the tissues surrounding the Central Nervous System – Over the course of a 60min session, an Upledger Institute Certified Practitioner will use a light-touch method to evaluate you from the top of your head (cranium) to your tailbone (sacrum). Due to its calming effects on the nervous system, CST has been shown to provide relief for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, ADD/ADHD, Digestive Issues, Sleep Issues and more. Click Here to Read More About CST

Click Here to Learn About Our “Techniques” Certified Practitioner, Amy

Single Practitioner $150 for 60mins

Multi-Hands (2 Practitioners) $300 for 60mins

While booking you will have an opportunity to add on “Intuitive Healy Diagnostic” for an additional $25. During your session Amy will intuitively choose a mode she feels will complement your wellness. Visit Amy’s page to learn more, or book a separate 30min Healy session with a specific mode.

Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming

Connect to the roots of your physical / mental blockages and make lasting changes with a multi-modality service that involves techniques such as Applied Kinesiology, Shadow Work, Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming, Bio-Energetic Synchronization, Emotional Freedom Technique and Trauma Relief Therapy. Offered by Dr. Jake Hyde. Click Here to Learn More

Advanced Healing $100 for 30mins

Intensive Healing $200 for 60mins

"Unwind Procedure"

During the Unwind Procedure Dr. Jake combines multiple techniques including but not limited to Applied Kinesiology, myofascial release, functional movement, extremity adjustments as well as cranial adjustments to unwind the stress stored in your body, create a sense of ease of movement and balance, improve blood and lymphatic flow, improve muscular function as well as enhance nervous system regulation.

Click Here to Learn More About Our Practitioner, Dr. Jake

$55 for 15mins

Massage Therapy

A focused session utilizing Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger Point, or Lymphatic massage techniques.

Click Here to Learn More About Our Practitioner, Cara

$90 for 60mins

The BioMat

Infrared rays provide a deep penetrating warmth and help to relax tense muscles, like warming sunshine. The deep warmth of the infrared soothes aching joints and muscles. It can also raise the internal body temperature, helping to stimulate the immune system.

The Biomat contains 28 pounds of the highest quality amethyst! Amethyst crystals produce far-infrared rays (FIR). FIR revitalizes the biological functions of cells, helping to promote blood circulation, perspiration, relief from neuralgia, backaches, arthritis and eliminate toxins. Far infrared rays also help to relax and nourish the body, promote antibacterial functions and purify the air.

Long sessions on the mat can induce a toxin-eliminating sweat.

(Warning : This is the best-kept secret afternoon nap spot in town!)

4 Sessions Per Month Included in Our Membership (Click to Read More)

$1 Per Minute


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT®)

QHHT® enables all people from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with their higher self and obtain a clearer understanding of why things are the way they are in their lives — and to ultimately create change within themselves. Are you ready to get to the bottom of your limiting beliefs, once and for all? Click Here to Read More

Click Here to Learn About Our Practitioner, Tracey Etelson

$300 for 4hrs


For everything under the Sun there is a season… come dance with me as we allow the unique beauty of your creation wheel (Natal Chart) to unfold before us. Allowing for deeper understanding of what has been formed uniquely inside of you, revealing immense rare gifts, talents, and life mission. 

Krista will ask for your birth date and time, as well as the area of your life you’d like to explore, such as your life purpose, career, love life or life in general.

Click Here to Learn More About Practitioner Krista Pisciotta

Inner Temple Natal Chart Consultation $120 for 90mins

Soul’s Path Key Life Transits $150 for 90-120mins

Know Thyself – Astrology + Art Fusion $300 at Krista’s Ft Pierce Studio for 90-120mins / $360 at Spirit Well

Lost in the Stars? Mentoring Session $60 for 60mins

Prana Therapy

Prana is cosmic energy – the light that connects us all. This process uses Prana to help revitalize all aspects of your Pranic and etheric grid. Clients typically report feeling “unstuck” from connections to their past trauma patterns.

Click Here to Learn More About Practitioner Amy Spicer 

$40 for 20mins

Meridian Energy Work

Energetic block releases in the subtle body along specific meridians on a medical grade BioMat.

Meridian therapy is a holistic form of traditional Chinese medicine that aims to balance the flow of energy or “qi” in the body through the stimulation of specific points on the body’s meridian pathways.

These points are known as acupoints, and they are believed to correspond to different internal organs and systems. By stimulating these acupoints, meridian therapy has been reported to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms, promote healing, and improve overall feelings of health & wellness.

Click Here to Learn More About Practitioner Amy Spicer

$130 for 50mins

Spiritual Life Coaching + Tarot

Book an In-Depth Session

Using coaching techniques, personal experience and the cosmic tool of tarot, Amelia will help you tap into your intuition and see the path ahead more clearly.

Amelia will ask for your astrological signs, as well as the area of your life you’d like to explore, such as your career, love life or life in general.

Click Here to Learn More About Practitioner Amelia Laiacona

$85 for 20mins


Whether it’s validation you need from a loved one that they are still with you or closure to a painful experience you can’t reconcile on your own, I can help you on this spiritual journey!” -Meg Morley My job as a medium is to receive information from loved ones who have passed away and relay their validations and messages to you. After your session, you will have the knowledge and comfort knowing that your loved ones are still around you; better yet, they have never left you. During a reading you will also receive psychic information regarding your current life, information from your past, and your upcoming future.

Private 1-on-1 Session : $150 for 45mins

Private Group Session: $75 for 1hr 45mins

Community Group Reading : $60 for 60mins

Click Here to Learn More About Our Practitioner Meg Morley

Integrative Energy Work

 Lightworkers & Healers who wish to discover your purpose, uncover your blockages & meet your potential. Experience sacred, transformational and healing therapies including Energy Therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and Bach Essence Consultation.

Click Here to Learn About Practitioner Annemarie Seidenberg

$120 for 60mins

$185 for 90mins

Integrative Energy Work (Remote)

Experience sacred, transformational and healing therapies including Solfi Healing, Reiki Usui, Theta Healing, Magnified Healing, Tachyon Activation, light codes and akashic record reading.

Click Here to Learn About Practitioner Veronica Sibajas Narvaez (Habla Español) 

$130 for 60mins

The Lucia Light

Advanced Light Technology, a neuro-stimulating hypnagogic tool to induce altered states of consciousness. 10 years of meditation in a half hour session!

Sitting upright or lying down, you receive undulating pulses of light from a single source machine.

A series of 6 sessions is recommended to help rewire the brain’s neural pathways in response to stress. The stimulation, coherence and entrainment of the brain can help an individual to manage stress, fear and depression.

1-on-1 Sessions : $88 for 40mins | $133 for 70mins

Private Group Sessions : $65 for 40mins | $88 for 70mins

Community Group Share : $65 for 70mins

Click Here to Learn More About Lucia Light & Practitioner Michele Jensen


ThetaHealing® is a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit.

By bringing awareness to and actively modifying the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, you will be able to let go of outdated emotions and behaviors on a profound level such that you can create the life you truly desire from a fresh empowered perspective.

Click Here to Read More + Learn About Practitioner Christina Longbottom

In-Person or Remote Session $186 for 60mins

[Click Here to Book a Package of Sessions]


1-on-1 Aromatherapy Consultation

Offered by expert Aromatherapist Lori O, of Infuse Pure Therapy. Lori will meet with you for 1 hour to discuss how you can utilize custom scents to uniquely complement your life and enhance your wellness routine. Click Here to Read More

$75 for 60mins

Group Aromatherapy Workshop

Join us for this opportunity to create your own natural perfume scents with essential oils. “Scentual Awareness” is held once a month on the 3rd Saturday. Click Here to Read More


$35 for 90mins