QHHT : Not Your Mama’s Hypnotherapy

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When most of us think of hypnosis, we conjure a scene in which Sigmund Freud is slowly swinging his pocket watch back and forth and helping us recall something traumatic from our past. Of course there are more pedestrian uses such as losing weight or quitting smoking. But QHHT is entirely different to most people’s conception of hypnotherapy.

QHHT was thoughtfully developed by Dolores Cannon. This is not your typical healing tool that takes years in order to see results, as it was designed to help you in one session instead of over many. In fact, it is somewhat unusual to need several sessions. So even though it is a bit of an upfront investment, it is likely a one-time expense. 

If you are looking into QHHT, then you may already aware that we all have a specific purpose to our lives. We are often distracted from our true purpose, and it is easy to be mentally consumed by busywork that you haven’t got enough time to even consider your purpose. 

In your session, you will become aware of lessons that will help you remain on your path, remember your purpose, or simply have validation that you’re on the right path. This information is invaluable as it will help you reach your true potential and learn as much as possible during your time in this schoolhouse called Earth. 

QHHT is a conversation with your higher self or soul, and they quite literally know you better than you know yourself. Scenes will be revealed from current, former or future lives, even other dimensions that will inform the personal growth and healing needed in your current life. There are always lessons to be learned from everything we experience during the session. 

You have three opportunities for self-revelation within the session: your journey, questions you ask your higher self, and a full body scan.

Our hope is that this article has made the purpose and process of QHHT more clear, along with helping you decide if this type of therapy is right for you. We promise we won’t make you cluck like a chicken!

Click here to learn more about QHHT.

Click here to learn more about our practitioner, Tracey Etelson and read testimonials. 


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