Red Light Therapy

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Red Light Therapy

How It Helps : Red Light Therapy is the process of exposing red light wavelengths to the skin to support your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes.

Continued use over time can help your body in return to its optimal state faster. It’s been shown to be especially effective in treating skin conditions and boosting muscle recovery. Frequent exposure can speed up healing of skin, improve overall complexion and even reverse sun damage.

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How It Works


Only infrared (red light) therapy can reach all the way into a cell’s mitochondria to stimulate healing and regeneration to help improve your appearance, performance, and overall well-being.

Red Light Therapy is the process of emitting light wavelengths though the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes.

When delivered within the optimal wavelengths and energy levels, red and near infrared light protect your body’s cells from nitric oxide damage, which can otherwise stop the cell’s production of ATP when you’re stressed or ill. Red light photons allow your cells to continue utilizing oxygen effectively by minimizing the absorption of nitric oxide.


What clients are saying

“Infrared Light Therapy is a really important part of my post-workout routine. When I combine it with other modalities in a holistic sense, it works together with them to help me feel great and recover fast. – Amanda

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