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We hope you’ll take advantage of these special offers that were created just for you, our community!

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A Summer of Gratitude for Educators

WOW! You did it, Teachers! Finally, school’s out….Summer Break!!! 

Thank you for the hard work and dedication to your calling to educate the children of humanity!

Now is the time to come back home to your soul and quiet your mind and embark on a healing adventure!

YOU are the inspiration for the tranquil space we’ve created at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge in Stuart, FL! 

To honor YOU we would like to offer a special promotion. Come and enjoy a free tonic to revitalize your health AND enjoy $10 off any in-house service!*

*Includes: Teachers, Administrators, Home School Parents

Healthy Habit Challenge

Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a habit? It’s true! It takes 21 days for a shift in energy to imprint itself into cellular memory! Can you create a new healthy habit this month? We want to help you so we created the Healthy Habit Challenge

21 days, 21 sessions of Vibroacoustic Chair for $210.

21 days of the Vibroacoustic Chair will reset your nervous system and change your worldview!

$954 value for $210

Cellular Rejuvenation Package

 Undo the harsh effects of chronic stress overload and overdoing. Restore damaged cells and revitalize your life force!

  • 5 50-minute sessions of the Cellular Massage program on the VibroAcoustic Chair
  • 5 20-minute sessions of Infrared Light Therapy
  • 5 Blue Me Away Health Tonics

$440 value for $221.30

Aging Gracefully Package

Feeling cranky, pulling the lone gray hair, and longing for the days of wine and roses? Boost your focus, memory retention, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion and benevolence!

  • 5 20-minute sessions of the Gamma Series on the VibroAcoustic Chair
  • 5 20-minute sessions of Red Light Therapy
  • 5 Stop Your Wine-ing Health Tonics

$365 value for $201.40

Stress-Release Package

Tired of adulting? Channel your inner teenager with a summer fun package! Lighten your load and relieve pent-up stress!

  • 8 sessions of Mindful Relaxation program on the Vibroacoustic Chair 
  • 1 one-on-one session of Sound Healing
  • 6 Chill F* Out Health Tonics
  • 1 Crazy Karen Cure-All Health Tonics

$560 value for $281.82

Energy Boost Package

Are you running on fumes, feeling drained and depleted? Rev up your energy and get invigorated with this specially-designed package! 

  • 10 20-minute sessions of Meditation Energy Series on the Vibroacoustic Chair 
  • 1 one-on-one session with Energy Healer (Integrative Energy Work)
  • 5 Blue Me Away Health Tonics

$600 value for $301.30

Red Light Therapy Series 10

Are you wondering how you can benefit from Infrared Light Therapy?

Do you dream of simple, quick ways to increase your overall health and performance on a daily basis?

Red Light Therapy can benefit you by:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing pain
  • Hair growth
  • Skin health

Here’s how: The red light is absorbed into your body and used by the cells to build new proteins and regenerate, helping mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to reach its potential. This process promotes new cell growth and allows for optimal performance!

Purchase this package to see what it can do for you, and as an excuse, of course, to hang out in our peaceful lounge!

$200 value for $160