AnneMarie Seidenberg

Integrative Energy work

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Integrative Energy Work


Annemarie is an eclectic energy practitioner. She chooses the modality that works best for the client’s wants and needs. Her one on one services includes energy therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and Bach Essence Consultation. She specializes in helping to activate light workers, so they can discover their gifts and purpose.

Her workshops include Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program, UMA Reiki, Crystals, and Sound Healing circles.

60mins for $120

90mins for $185

Upcoming Events

Sacred Circle for Spiritual Warriors – Every 1st Tuesday

Grow your spiritual toolbox in this workshop designed to advance experiences of spiritual warriors. Join us in our peaceful lounge to learn about subjects such as energy-cleansing rituals, altar-building, and psychic development.

February 7: “Who Are You as an Empath / Lightworker?”
March 7 : “What is Your Sacred Purpose?”

90mins for $15


2022 – Ancestral Wisdom of Walking the Path of Holy Being

2022 – Healing Yourself and Others with Power of Qigong

2022 – Law, Light and Love

2021 – Ancient Mystic Wisdom to Repair Personal and Ancestral Wounds

2021 – Global Mystic Certification ( not completed yet)

2021 – Feeding the Demon

2020 – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

2020 – Native American Drumming and Flute

2020 – Ancestral Healing

2019 – Selenite & Sound™

2019 – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

​2018 – Shamanic Journeys

2017 – Studying Astrology

2016 – Certified Aromatherapist

2015 – Morphogenic Field Testing seminar

2015 – Bach Essence Registered Practitioner

2011 – Crystal Light Crystal Practitioner

2010 – Master of Divinity

2008 – Traditional Naturopath, ND

2007 – Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor

2005 – Angeltouche, Shamballa, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

2002 – CAGS – Educational Leadership – BSU

1998 – MA in Consulting Teacher of Reading – BSU

1994 – BS in Special Education and Early Childhood Education – BSU

Annemarie has been in private practice over 17 years. During Covid, she spent her time developing online programs to reach her clients and students. She served her community by offering sound bowl healing sessions twice a week during lockdown and continued until their needs were meet.

She also developed a seven month online Energy Practitioner Apprenticeship Program. Her students and clients wanted to learn her techniques and understanding her knowledge about universal laws and soul codes. She also continues to bring women together for women’s retreats. 



Her spiritual philosophy is to help you the client to understand the connection with—and gain ultimate control over—your body, mind, and spirit. Her role begins with helping you to understand how to restore, re-energize, and re-balance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Her approach focuses on you and your overall wellness and guides you on how to empower yourself to see your own potential.



Annemarie is an integrative energy worker and the co-founder of the Wellness Collaborative in Natick MA, an integrative alternative and complementary medicine and counseling practice. She also sees client’s viritually in Florida.

Annemarie has been on her own personal journey trying to understand her intuitive talent. From the time she could remember, she had natural intuitive abilities. As she grew up, so did her intuition. For much of her life, she kept her talent a secret because she feared what she knew about others and the world. There came a point in her life when she could no longer deny her abilities. She needed to focus on her intuitive talents and learn to sharpen her skill set. So, her intuitive journey began!

Annemarie started her journey by reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Soul Contract by Caroline Myss, and working through the Course in Miracles. Those three books were pivotal to her growth. She studied reiki, integrated energy therapy, and other modalities. she became an ordained minister and received her master’s in divinity from the University of Metaphysics Sciences (UMS) to understand her connection to the divine. Through her empathic journey, she received many life lessons. Some lessons made her draw on the strength and divine wisdom to continue her path. She learned to be true to herself from all those valuable lessons. She is truly grateful to all those who came into her life to be a part of those lessons. She feel truly blessed!

Today, she continues to pursue the understanding of spiritual enlightenment and the soul code. She is currently in an intense 10 month Global Mystic Certification program. She is working on deepening her understanding of sacred feminine divine and the path of souls. She has plunged into this process and will explain why it is important to all of us.