Lauren Mezera

Frequency Alchemist, Soul Alignment Coach

lauren mezera sound healing on the beach surrounded by crystal singing bowls

Session Details

In-Person Session : $35 for 60mins

Every 1st Saturday from 630-730PM

1-on-1 Sound Healing Session

In-Person Session : $144 for 60mins

Upcoming Events

During this month’s circle, “Blue Lotus Ladies”, we will sit with the Blue Lotus Flower. This flower is said to be, “the gateway to the divine” as it enhances awareness, aids in the opening of the third eye and allows us to connect deeply to our intuition.

Local medicine woman, Sabrina Cierpal will be co-hosting this month’s circle. Sabrina facilitates Blue Lotus Ceremonies regularly; her connection to this sacred flower is deep and true. The Blue Lotus will be made into a tea, which we will sip as Lauren & Sabrina guide us through a meditative sound journey.

Please come with your own special mug as well as a journal for reflection and anything you would like to add to our co-created altar (feathers, flowers, stones, crystals, etc.). Soul stoked to see you there! If you have any questions about upcoming circles please feel free to reach out to Lauren (@laurenmezerawellness).

Spots are $33 / person or $44 for 2 tickets. Commit yourself to 2 sessions or bring a friend!


BA in Early Childhood Education

200 HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

80 HR Kids Yoga Teacher Training

50 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification

Sound Practitioner Certification through Anthony Profetta

Institute Of Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach


I aim to guide people of their spiritual awakenings and healing journeys to a deeper sense of self and a more vibrant life. In my ideal word we are all realized and see our greatest power is in our connection to one another.


I believe my dharma in this life time is to offer guidance and hold space for others to walk their path’s back hOMe to themselves. My offerings allow for a deep reconnection to the self and the world around us.


 Lauren Mezera offers transformation of the mind/body/spirit- through sound alchemy, yoga practices, reiki and spiritual health coaching. She infuses each of her offerings with the highest vibrations of love, healing and gratitude. Lauren believes it is her dharma (soul’s purpose) in this lifetime to act as a guide, teacher and space holder for those walking on their healing journey’s back hOMe.