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Lucia Light Therapy

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Session Details

Lucia Light Therapy

Advanced Light Technology, a neuro stimulating hypnagogic tool to induce altered states of consciousness. 10 years of meditation in a half hour session!

Sitting upright or lying down, you receive undulating pulses of light from a single source machine.

Sessions can be done lying down or sitting up based on personal preference. Headphones are provided.

A series of 6 sessions is recommended to help rewire the brain’s neural pathways in response to stress. The stimulation, coherence and entrainment of the brain can help an individual to manage stress, fear and depression.

Lucia Light benefits include:

  • a downregulation of nervous system
  • pineal gland activation
  • bliss, joy and wonder
  • increased creativity and intuition
  • improved sleep and well-being
  • expanding consciousness
  • access flow state and clarity

All sessions include 10 minutes of orientation, and the remaining minutes of light exposure

1-on-1 Sessions

Book a 25min Solo Demo : $44

Book a 40min Solo Session: $88

Book a 70min Solo Session : $133


Group Sessions

Round up your family / friends for a private session!

Book a 25min Group Demo : $35 / person

Book a 40min Group Session : $65 / person

Book a 70min Group Session : $88 / person

Upcoming Events

Lucia Light Group Therapy – Every 2nd Saturday 7-8PM

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