Sondra Hamilton

Herbalist, Ayurvedic Health Coach,

Conscious POstpartum Caregiver

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Plant Spirit Connection Workshop / Sat. Sept. 17 4-530PM


In this workshop we will discuss the uses of plants to build spiritual immunity, what is spiritual immunity? how does it affect our health? Join me in a plant meditation with a flower essence. What is plant spirit connection? how to work with a plant ally? What are flower essences?

Lastly we will ground our energies with a plant sweeping over the body. All of these practices are ways to empower your own confidence in building your spirituality immunity. We will explore the power of plants without having to ingest the actual medicine and how to cultivate a relationship. This workshop will explore the inner realms of the plants, prayer, song and going deep into what layers want to come forth. 

1.5hrs | $40 per person (all supplies provided)

Egg Limpia Workshop / Tues. Sept. 20 6-8PM


In this workshop we will work with an egg and plant bundle to energetically clear our own energy, you will learn spiritual self care that you can do at home. This tradition comes from the Aztec and Mexican ancestral traditions of Curanderismo as well as areas of Peru that use the egg for a limpia (cleansing of the energetic field).

We will discuss the 13 winds that can reside in the joints and what plants can help clear emotional winds. This hands-on workshop will empower you to implement spiritual self-care in your daily life and how to notice when you need a spiritual cleansing. We will go through the steps and process of how to prepare your space for a cleansing and how to properly dispose of the egg and plants after a cleansing. Ground into the process of receiving from the plants and walk away with more spiritual tools.

2hrs | $55 per person (all supplies provided)


I have a BFA in Photography, In 2012 I enrolled in a community herbalism course that was a year long and included time in Mexico where I learned from a teacher Estela Roman. I continued to study with different herbalists and healers in the USA. I completed a 200 hour yoga training and a 600 hour Ayurvedic health counselor course. Recently I completed an Ayurvedic conscious postpartum caregiver program.


My personal mission is to assist in the shift into heart consciousness. My favorite quote that inspires my work is, “Great mystery, teach us how to trust our heart, our mind, our intuition, our earth and the blessings of our spirit.”


Sondra Hamilton is a Mystic Herbalist, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Conscious Postpartum Caregiver who works with the wisdom and elements of Mother Nature including: plants, stones, sacred mountains, water, air, ether, fire, water and earth. Sondra is a bridge for cross cultural transmissions and wisdom in order to rebirth the sacred practices of ritual and ceremony.


My passion and love of plants, animals and Mother Earth extend into each consultation, invoking a deeper evolution for self-empowerment. The land I travel teaches me the innate intuitive wisdom that resides in all of us and the importance of honoring and praising the Ancestors that are well.