Stephanie Lipp, B.A.,M.A.T

Conscious Educator, Doctoral Candidate Specializing in Raising Children on the Spectrum


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Syracuse University, BA

Queens College, MAT

Barry University, Doctoral Candidate


I believe that life on this planet provides opportunities for individual and collective soul growth. We then use the growth experiences and our God-given (& gained) unique set of gifts/talents/abilities to help heal ourselves & others.


“To develop humans that not only learn content, but all the content and skills acquisition are in service to enabling students to communicate their deeper evolutionary process.” – Tracey Etelson (Founder of Conscious Curriculum)


Fresh out of a master’s degree program in Education, first employed as an inclusion specialist, I rotated through the three elementary schools of Jericho School District in Long Island, New York. Through my exposure to sixty classrooms led by an array of trained teachers, I observed the disparity in results between several different teaching styles and methods. 

“May I please work as Mrs. Schiffer’s teacher aide this year?” I asked the administrator at Cantiague Elementary School advocating for my professional learning growth. I needed to understand why the learning gaps between children proved wide in most classes, yet not in Linda Schiffer’s class. Thus began my twenty-year quest to unlock this mystery.

As I successively experienced both traditional and progressive public, charter, and private learning communities, I learned firsthand those practices that created equity and those that failed miserably.

Then came Kyle, my firstborn, and my professional interest became very personal. At eighteen months, in his first classroom, he showed signs of difference; something I suspected from the time he was in the womb. In kindergarten, he was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. 

As a result of my own journey seeking excellence in education for my child who is twice exceptional, I met who would become first, my mentor and eventually, my Spirit Well partner, Tracey Etelson.

Tracey had developed a set of foundational principles and a format that combined the best pedagogical practices to create what she called Conscious Curriculum. I wanted to know if these principles and practices would prove to be highly effective and universal for all children, especially those with special needs. We believed our combined experience and expertise were the perfect way to marry the theoretical with the practical.

Thus began an eight year project to further develop and test the efficacy of the program, which included my return to academia for a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Evaluation and Research.

We were given the opportunity to implement and test in two lab school environments. We trained teachers on site, in a Montessori teacher training institute and at Barry University.

Through my direct teaching experience and our daily collaboration, we perfected the practices and refined our processes. We are so excited to share our knowledge with those who are ready to learn and grow with us!