Veronica Sibajas Narvaez

Integrative Energy Work

Session Details

Description : Integrative Energy Work Session

(Single or Multiple Modality) 

Cost : $100

Length : 90-120mins

In-Person or Remote


  • Reiki Practitioner, 14 years
  • Magnified Healing, 2 years
  • EFT – Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), 4 years
  • Akashic Record Readings, 6+ months
  • Return to the Light Therapy 6+ months


Helping people find their sovereignty and their own divinity; healing and balancing blocked energies to open the door to complete body/mind/soul health.


“Wisdom is infinite. Let us expand it.”


Veronica Sibajas has been trained and attuned in several energy-healing therapies for more than 14 years.

These sacred, transformational and healing therapies include Solfi Healing, Reiki Usui, Theta Healing, Magnified Healing and Tachyon Activation.

These spiritual practices have given Veronica the ability to combine these incredible healing energies with light codes to create a unique soul healing session where she activates these balancing energies while opening the consultant’s Akashic records.

This brings to the session remarkable insight into the soul, purpose and happenings of the consultant’s current, ancestral, and past lives via cosmic information.

These already amazing elements are “completed” with the use of the Hebrew Pendulum; a very efficient energy tool that is utilized to diagnose, treat and remove any unbalanced and dense energies that the consultant may have.

Veronica offers this unique combination of healing therapies as her trademark; a one of a kind experience that will surely bring insight, balance and the real healing alchemy that only comes through a deeper understanding of who you really are.

Veronica takes great care of you through the process so that you can become the best version of yourself.

What clients are saying

“My name is Dorian Johnson and I’ve been working with Veronica for the last 3 months. I’ve had very deep and meaningful impacts from the two sessions I’ve had with her. The first session primarily focused on my akashic record and allowed me to really see some thematic passions that correlated directly to past lives introduced to me over 20 years ago. In addition to our star connection, Veronica’s chakra healing method had an immediate impact on me to the point where another person felt an energy removal that Veronica specifically mentioned at something she worked on. And generally I’ve been lighter, more integrative and worry-free and I have high hopes for my future. Since then I’ve referred up to five people who all had great results.” Dorian J.

I felt called to do energy healing work for a while, but as a Contemplative psychotherapist, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and a Reiki practitioner myself, I was not willing to go to “just anyone.” I met Veronica through a dear friend and I immediately knew that she was “the one.” My first session was delving into Akashic records and Hebrew pendulum healing.

The connections made during the session were profound, however, it did not end there. Afterwards, I felt my Heart chakra burst open like never before. I followed my intuition and began doing deep meditations which led me to astral-project on my own; I became aware of past life experiences! In the weeks to come, I began to embody a deep knowing and remembrance of who I truly am in my full nature, in oneness, in love.

Recently I did another session tapping into Akashics again, but adding D.E.I. Integral Emotional Unblockage. I immediately felt a weight lift off of me and I noticed that I was more present and more in control of my emotions. I noticed the things that once triggered me no longer had the same grasp. I know that this work has already changed the course of my life. Veronica is a gifted healer. Her loving and gentle presence is undeniable. Don’t miss the true and sacred blessing of this healing experience.

Alana Owens, MSW, LCSW, RYT-200