Lauren Mezera

Frequency Alchemist, Soul Alignment Coach

lauren mezera sound healing on the beach surrounded by crystal singing bowls

Session Details

1-on-1 Sound Healing Session

In-Person Session : $144 for 60 mins by appointment only – contact front desk

Namaste Beautiful Beings,

Feeling like you could use a little reset? Looking to receive some 1:1 attention to realign & rejuvenate your energy flow?

Come on in for a private session with our resident Frequency Alchemist & Soul Alignment Coach, Lauren Mezera. During this session you will receive a unique sound bath experience tailored specifically to you and your desires.

The session will begin with a 15-minute consult in which you will have the space to share anything you may be going through, looking to release or welcome in, specific chakras that you’d like to target, etc. with Lauren.

She will then begin to integrate all of this shared information into your journey over moving forward to give you the most tailored experience. Choosing aligned oils, mantras, breath-work and meditations. And most importantly which bowls to use and how to use them, to allow the most restoration and transformation to occur within.

You will leave feeling completely realigned and reconnected to yourself!

Upcoming Events

In-Person Session : $35 for 60 mins

Next Session : First Saturday of each month from 6:30-7:30

Blessings Beautiful Beings,

Please join us for our upcoming, Community Sound Bath on the first Saturday of each month from 6:30-7:30PM. This sound bath is a one-hour journey inward, in which you will be guided in the releasing of stress, stuck & stored energy and physical tension.

Our resident Frequency Alchemist, Lauren Mezera holds the space wonderfully for all who are present. Allowing participants the opportunity to truly have their own unique and transformative experience. The journey begins with optional aromatherapy to begin to relax the nervous system and soothe the senses.

From here Lauren will offer a moment of mindful movement before guiding everyone into a comfortable & cozy position to begin to drop into meditation and our sound bath. So come, take a moment for yourself.

Allow your soul to get swept away in the soothing vibrations of the 432Hz Crystal Quartz Bowls, Elemental Chimes & Rattles. Let yourself turn inward just for this hour as we take the time to reconnect with our inner voice and knowing. And maybe stay after for a bit of community connection. Can’t wait to see you there!

September : Reconnecting to our Sacred Temple : The Yoni

Join us for a night of sisterhood! We will meet the fourth Saturday of each month from 7-8:30PM. Our next Whimsical Women’s circle will be September 23rd. Spirit Well’s resident Sound Alchemist, Lauren Mezera will be your guide during these circles. Lauren is a Soul Alignment Coach for women. She is committed to her mission: guiding women to feel empowered and embodied! Each month there will be space for connecting and growing in community as well as structured time to dive deeper into all that is the Whimsical Woman: play, intuition, magic and so much more.

This month’s circle, “Reconnecting to our Sacred Temple: The Yoni”, will be a chance to truly remember what it means to walk as a connected and embodied woman. The word, “Yoni” is Sanskrit and translates to “womb” or “sacred temple”. This months circle will focus on the ancient practice of the, “Yoni Steam”. This practice uses intentional sacred herbs to assist us in connecting to our divine feminine space, birth center and spiritual center. Using herbs, water and creating a space for yourself to perform this herbal steam can increase blood flow and circulation, allowing the vapors and medicinal aspects of the herbs to nourish delicate tissues to promote healing, toning, balanced cycle flow with less pain and bloating, detoxification and so much more.

So this month please join Lauren & Co-host, Jen of Hani Honey to learn the beautiful practice of the yoni steam. We will dive into the herbs and some of their properties as we each make our own yoni steam to take home and try! Come enjoy as we share & connect with one another holding each other in this practice of true feminine divinity.

Please bring a journal and something to write with as well as anything you’d like to add to our co-created altar space. This could include: stones, crystals, feathers, flowers, keep sakes, items that help you feel connected to your femininity and womb space, etc. Please feel free to reach out to Lauren with any questions about upcoming circles. We are soul excited for this chance to come together as women and create intentional space for all that we are. See you soon!


7-8:30PM | $33 for 1 ticket

Special Promotion : Book 2 Spots at Whimsical Women’s Circle for $44. Attend 2 sessions or share your redemption code with a friend.


BA in Early Childhood Education

200 HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

80 HR Kids Yoga Teacher Training

50 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification

Sound Practitioner Certification through Anthony Profetta

Institute Of Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach


I aim to guide people of their spiritual awakenings and healing journeys to a deeper sense of self and a more vibrant life. In my ideal word we are all realized and see our greatest power is in our connection to one another.


I believe my dharma in this life time is to offer guidance and hold space for others to walk their path’s back hOMe to themselves. My offerings allow for a deep reconnection to the self and the world around us.


 Lauren Mezera offers transformation of the mind/body/spirit- through sound alchemy, yoga practices, reiki and spiritual health coaching. She infuses each of her offerings with the highest vibrations of love, healing and gratitude. Lauren believes it is her dharma (soul’s purpose) in this lifetime to act as a guide, teacher and space holder for those walking on their healing journey’s back hOMe.