Lorraine O’Connor


infuse pure therapy essential oils at spirit well in stuart fl

Session Details

Custom Aromatherapy 1-on-1 Consultation

Lorraine will meet with you to discuss how you can utilize custom scents to uniquely complement your life and enhance your wellness routine.

$75 for 1hr | In-Person

“Scentual Awareness” Personal Essential Oil Scents Group Workshop

scentual awareness essential oils experience with lorio of infuse pure therapy at spirit well in stuart on saturday april 15

Delve into the mysteries of essential oils, and discover and craft your own individual healing scent with Lorraine O’Connor.

What to expect:

  • An educational overview
  • Establish a deeper connection with essential oils by:
  • Spending time playing with essential oils one at a time
  • Spend time blending essential oils
  • Creating your own personalized scent

$35 | 11 AM | Every 3rd Saturday

Certifications + Background

  • Certified Aromatherapist (Via The Aromahead Institute)
  • Registered Aromatherapist with National Association of Professional Aromatherapists


To offer the science and practice of aromatherapy and natural healing in keeping with the principles of sustainability and respect for nature.


To support and be of service by offering high quality products, limited supply, handmade with love. To build a loyal clientele who appreciate and understand the level of quality and authenticity we bring to our practice and in the creation of our products.


Growing up in the Caribbean and moving to France at the age of eleven, LoriO was guided by grandmothers who taught her the wonders of the earth, the sky, the mountains, rivers and seas. Grandmothers who believed in natural supplements, good food and healthy life styles.

In her teens, she discovered the scents of lavender and rosemary in the South of France and her university studies took her on a journey to China, Taiwan and India. Scents seemed always to play a major role in her life and she really feels most in her element when mixing scents and sharing them with her friends and clients.

LoriO’s husband and partner for over 25 years, Selwyn Henry, shares the same passion for nature and plants, having grown up in rural Trinidad and been coached by his mother and aunts in the healing properties of herbs and plants.

Together they founded Infuse Pure Therapy in 2016, in Trinidad, to share their passion and knowledge. They started distilling local herbs and aromatics and launched the Sans Souci hydrosol line. They have been servicing the Trinidad and Tobago wellness market for the past five years. In 2020 the brand took a leap forward being introduced into the Massy Stores, through Nudge and the collaborations with Immortelle Beauty and The Hideout Clothing.

Infuse Pure Therapy is now expanding its reach and resources by setting up a branch of the company in Stuart, Florida, USA.