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Offered by Marie Seger, MIM, CHT, CPCC in Stuart, FL

Intuitive Medicine Counseling

Intuitive Medicine Counseling is a form of therapy or guidance that combines traditional counseling techniques with intuitive insights. It involves tapping into one’s intuition, or inner knowing, to gain deeper insights into personal issues, challenges, or goals. Intuitive counseling can have a profound and lasting effect on your physical and emotional health.

During a session, Marie will use her intuition to provide guidance, support, and clarity to individuals seeking help in various aspects of their lives, such as relationships, career, personal growth, or decision-making.

Marie will look at the client’s energetic body; including their aura and chakras, and teach them how to properly ground and meditate. Together, Marie and the client will work to release and clear physical and emotional energy blocks. Marie will also help the client to tap into their intuitive intelligence, which provides the foundation for a healthy life.

$175 for 60mins (Initial Session)

$135 for 60mins (Ongoing Sessions)

“Marie has been my intuitive counselor and life coach for over 10 years, and working with her has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.

Her guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me transform both my personal and professional life. Working with Marie has taught me how to better control my thoughts and emotions, trust my intuition, and manage my anxiety.

Her guidance has also helped me navigate my career, make peace with the death of my mother, come out to my family and friends, and sustain a happy and healthy relationship with my life partner.

I am thankful that our paths crossed during this journey, and I hope Marie’s gift can be experienced by others.”

– Natalee, Television Producer, Los Angeles, CA


Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes hypnosis to help individuals make positive changes in their thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. It involves inducing a state of deep relaxation and focused attention, where the individual is more open to suggestions and can access their subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide range of issues, such as overcoming fears or phobias, managing stress or anxiety, improving self-esteem, addressing habits or addictions, managing pain, and promoting overall well-being.

Hypnotherapy is not mind control or manipulation. The individual undergoing hypnotherapy remains in control and is fully aware of their surroundings. They cannot be made to do anything against their will or values. Marie serves as a facilitator to guide the individual through the therapeutic process.

During a session, Marie will lead the individual into a deep state of relaxation and guide them through specific techniques to address their concerns or goals, while helping them push past their subconscious limitations.

$450 for 30mins Consultation + 3 x 60min sessions @ $125/hr

Cancellation Policy :

1st Time – Free

2nd Time – Client Responsible for 50%

3rd Time – Client Responsible for 100%

“Marie has been my psychic counselor for more than thirty years. I have found her reading to be both accurate and useful. Whether dealing with physical problems, emotional issues to help with creating a strategy to deal with a life problem, her help has been invaluable.”

– M. Eugene Sigler, DDS. San Francisco, CA



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Join us for our bi-weekly Brunch Book Club, designed for those interested in exploring the realm of intentional living. Over stimulating conversation, we delve into books that inspire mindfulness, purpose, and connection.

All are welcome in this nourishing and insightful community gathering.

Certifications & Background


  • Graduate from The Academy of Intuition Medicine
  • Certified at Co-Active Life Coaching
  • Masters degree from The Hypnotherapy Training Institute
  • Mentorship with Angeleses Arrien in Native American Ceremony and Shamanic Journeying, Tarot Reading


As a quantum healer and energy worker, I specialize in assisting individuals in understanding and harnessing their own energy for personal growth and healing. I firmly believe that our thoughts hold the key to our health and well-being, both mentally and physically. By learning to control and positively transform our thoughts, we can gain greater control over our lives.

It would be an honor and a privilege to guide you towards a more balanced and empowered existence.


“The power of our thoughts holds the key to our health and healing, whether emotionally, physically, or energetically. We can control our lives more fully once we learn how to control our thoughts.




Marie Seger

Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Co-Active Life Coach, Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Quantum Healer, Energy Worker

“Having been immersed in the world of metaphysics and spirituality since childhood, my passion for Native American and Shamanic ceremonies, soul retrieval, and journey work led me to apprentice under the esteemed Angeles Arrien and the acclaimed Evalena Rose.

Recognizing the value of a diverse spiritual toolkit, I have pursued various spiritual practices and educational programs, including earning a Masters from both the Academy of Intuitive Medicine (MIM), and the Hypnotherapy Training Institute (CHT) , as well as two certifications from The Co-Active Coaches Training Institute (CPCC and CCPC) . I have also delved into the “Wisdom of the Tarot,” further expanding my spiritual knowledge and abilities.

When working with each individual, I am able to bring the following collective modalities to each session:

  • Perceiving and interpreting energetic imbalances within your body to support optimal health.
  • Offering spiritual counseling and coaching techniques to empower you on your journey throughout life.
  • Guiding you into a deeper state of relaxation to address subconscious patterns and beliefs.

THE POWER TO HEAL IS IN EACH OF US. Understanding your own energy and learning the basic skills to clear, balance, release and replenish will support you throughout life.”

“Marie worked with me as a Life Coach during my educational career. I have her to thank for the steadfast coaching bringing me from a second grade teacher in a troubled school in the lowest school in the country, to becoming Head Principal of one of the top schools in Davies County.

Marie’s energy work has been instrumental in helping me through the loss of my mother, helping me to understand what that unforeseen event meant and how best to navigate through this phase of my life.”

– Kylene Turner, School Principal, CA

“I’ve been consulting with Marie for over 10 years. She’s helped me in so many ways and her life coaching has been a godsend.

When I decided to retire in 2015, I asked her to help walk me through the process because I was leaving a very high stress job and wasn’t sure how to let it go gracefully.

Marie walked me through the last six months by helping me see that I needed to let it go bit by bit. In the end, I was completely ready to walk out the door and felt the weight of everything just lift off my shoulders.

It was the most freeing feeling I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend Marie for her psychic abilities and life coaching talent.”

– Kathy, Retiree, Seattle, WA

“I have been working with Marie since 2020, and to say it has been life-changing would be an understatement. Her wellspring of intuitive knowledge has provided me with powerful practical methods to manage emotions and navigate the complexity of human interaction – in family life, the workplace, and within myself. Her keen practicality, coupled with an ability to help unlock individual agency, is a treasure and gift that has immeasurably helped me to more accurately reflect and respond, while learning to exercise true self-love.”

– Sarthak, CEO, Non Governmental Organization

“Marie is an exceptional intuitive and guiding light . I have been working with her for six years and she has helped give me the tools to navigate both personal and professional challenges.

On the personal front, I’ve been able to quickly tap into unresolved issues with those around me and face my own shortcomings head on with her decisive ability to “read” me and let my intuition take over negative or closed-minded thinking.

On the professional front, my career as a film and television executive has taken leaps and bounds with her sage advice on overcoming obstacles that are often subtle and unique to the entertainment industry.

She has helped me tap into my creativity and feel limitless yet grounded at the same time in work and life. Marie is a truly gifted healer among healers.”

– Sarba, Film & Television Executive, Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with many different practitioners over the years and am thrilled to have found Marie.

Usually, I have to work with multiple people to meet the different goals, but Marie has been able to coach me in all areas. She has been instrumental in teaching me how to overcome my obstacles and understand the dynamics of living with energy and the power of creating positive thoughts in my life.”

– Stacey Small, Author, Palm City, FL

“Marie is magic!! I started getting healing sessions from Marie over 7 years ago and since then, the guidance, healing, love, clarity, and ability to walk me on this path is unparalleled.

Each session feels like I had years of therapy but condensed in an hour session, without having to re-live the pain of past traumas. Over the years, Marie has become my teacher in addition to my healer and counselor.

I have been so influenced by Marie’s ability to help me tap into my own intuition, my own inner wisdom, I wanted to learn how to become a healer myself from her.

Marie has so many different modalities in her toolbox, she has the ability to help clear and navigate any blockages that come up. I know I can say without a doubt, I would not be standing so firmly staff in ground without the loving, honest guidance Marie has given me over the years.

The transformation is palpable after every session. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all that she does.”

– Leslie, Television Executive Producer & Showrunner, Hawaii

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Our Location

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Spirit Well Sensory Lounge

872 S Colorado Ave Stuart, FL 34994, United States

+1 772 888 2576 |

We are located at the end of The Creek Arts District next to Nobile Shoes.

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Hours of Operation

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