Psychic Medium sessions

Offered by Meg Morley in Stuart, Florida and Remotely

What is A Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is a person who possesses the ability to communicate with spirits from the afterlife. They serve as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realm, offering unique insights and messages that can provide comfort, closure, and guidance to those seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

How does it help?

Psychic mediums can offer invaluable assistance by facilitating communication between the living and spirits, providing insights that bring healing, closure, and peace. They can deliver messages of love, forgiveness, and guidance from the beyond, assisting individuals in navigating life’s challenges with a deeper understanding of their personal journey and the unseen influences surrounding them.

BLOG POST : My Experience with Meg Morley Holistic Psychic Medium

“I have had many psychic readings over the years, and they seemed to focus either on the future or issues from the past, but somehow Meg’s reading beautifully touched on both…..” – Heidi W.

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 Psychic Medium Readings

“Whether it’s validation you need from a loved one that they are still with you or closure to a painful experience you can’t reconcile on your own, I can help you on this spiritual journey! My job as a medium is to receive information from loved ones who have passed away and relay their validations and messages to you.” – Meg

After your session, you will have knowledge and comfort knowing that your loved ones are still around you; better yet, they have never left you. During a reading you will also receive psychic information regarding your current life, information from your past, and your upcoming future.

In-Person 1-on-1 Session : $150 for 45mins

REMOTE 1-on-1 Session : $150 for 45mins

 In-Person Privately Arranged Group Session : $75/person (minimum 5 guests) for approximately 1 hour 45mins

“A good friend of mine hosted a group reading. I personally had never met Meg. From the moment Meg began the reading for someone in the group it was hard to deny Meg was indeed connecting with our loved ones! My mom came through loud and clear and said intimate things that only she would know! It has provided my family and I with so much peace.”

– Jacqueline M., Jupiter, FL

“I’ve always searched for more until we were connected to you. You provided a level of personal validation that left my family & I feeling comforted & at peace. Thank you- you are truly one of a kind Meg!”  – Jennifer L.

Events & Workshops

Mediumship Basics : Tuning in to Your Own Channel with Meg Morley

Are you interested in learning more about mediumship? Are you intuitive, and want to explore your intuition on a deeper level? Look no further!

Every 4th Saturday | 7-8PM | $50 per person

Certifications + Training

  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Psychic Development, Belle Salisbury
  • Introduction to Mediumship, Belle Salisbury


To help people heal and to understand that our loved ones have never left us, just their being has changed.


Meg is a psychic/medium that will connect with Spirit, providing you with validations and messages from your loved ones. She has a Masters Degree in Education, and was an educator for 8 years. She is drawn to helping others.

“I can not explain the fulfillment that I feel after a session has come to a close. I am grateful to be the conduit between Spirit and the natural world. I enjoy so much providing my clients with the validity of messages and information that could only come from their loved one who has departed.

I am married to my husband, Marc. We have 4 kids, so our passions and hobbies surround them! We love going to sports events as a family, especially to watch the Florida Panthers! We go out on the boat in Stuart, go to the beach, and make sure we are traveling as often as we can!” – Meg

 “Meg was right on with my reading…she mentioned something about my deceased mother that no one else in the world would’ve known about. She also channeled my beloved dog accurately leaving me with no doubt she is connected to our loved ones on the other side! She absolutely blew my mind!”

– Kim F. ,  Los Angeles, CA