Shamanic Energy Healing

Offered by Patricia Chrystycz in Stuart, FL

What is Shamanic Energy Healing?

Shamanic Healing for Ourselves, Our Businesses, and Our Relationships

Shamanic energy healing stretches back at least 50-60,000 years… and quite possibility to the beginning of Humanity’s journey on this beautiful planet. On every continent, anthropologists have found evidence of spiritual healing… and the practices are very similar, which is amazing given the the great distances between continents and races. How is this possible? Shamanism views the world in two realities:

Ordinary reality – the world of form in which we live every day, which contains our physical bodies, and

Non-ordinary reality – the world beyond form, the world of spirit/formlessness. Non-ordinary reality is accessible from anywhere at any time, which explains how shamanic energy healers who accessed non-ordinary reality on different continents could obtain similar healing instructions.

All of us travel between these two realities all the time, to some extent. When we wake up in the morning we see the world of ordinary reality, of form, and interact with those forms… from coffee pots to bath towels, all types of physical and digital work, as well as our loved ones and other people we encounter as we make our way through the day.

Our world seems filled with form. On the other hand, when we daydream or night dream we enter non-ordinary reality, a world of formlessness where our dreams are just as meaningful as our experiences in ordinary reality during the day.

Shaman travel intentionally from ordinary reality/form into non-ordinary reality/ formlessness to obtain information for clients in ordinary reality/form. This information can include guidance to use during a healing session, visions and ideas to assist a business decision, or insights into a relationship. Shamans can ask anything while in non-ordinary reality.

Shamanic Energy Healing Session

All of Patricia’s work is guided by her personal healing guides, who she has developed relationships with over decades.  During healing sessions, Patricia becomes “the hollow bone,” allowing the information of spirit, of non-ordinary reality to flow through her, informing her actions and healing choices.

During a Shamanic Energy Healing Session, Patricia enters non-ordinary reality, acquires information to assist a client’s healing, then performs those services. The session is a full body scan with clearing as guided… generally performed with the client laying down.  Depending on the guidance received, a Shamanic Energy Healing Session with Patricia may include…

Soul retrieval, chakra clearing, rebalancing, resident entity extraction, ancestral work, curse removal, past life healing, energy flow balancing, blockage removals, and other energy healing techniques.

Sometimes the body holds messages that Patricia brings back to the client.

$244 – 90 minute session for energy work and integration

Ask Your Guides – Shamanic Information Sessions

Just like gears that work together, sometimes an aspect of our lives seems to be out of tune with everything else. We spend too much time worrying about that aspect and it jams up our lives, causing dis-ease that can include stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, and obsessive worry.

During Shamanic Information Sessions, Patricia conducts a focused journey on one client issue, moving with the client into non-ordinary reality to retrieve information which can help with one of the following:

  • Relationships
  • Business issues
  • Personal directions
  • Family issues
  • Wellness and healing advice
  • Other issues

$90 for 60mins

Includes consultative conversation, joint journeywork, and post-journey discussion including enumerating any client actions

REMOTE Shamanic Session

After our sacred work together, some clients desire an energetic touch-up or on-going coaching to weave the sacredness of non-ordinary reality into our everyday lives of ordinary reality.  In addition to in-person “Ask Your Guides – Shamanic Information Sessions,” Patricia offers Remote Personalized Shamanic Sessions.

Follow-on remote sessions are offered to Shamanic Healing Clients who previously established a healing relationship with Patricia.

Angel Card Readings

An angel card reading is a type of spiritual divination where  a special deck of cards is used  to receive guidance, comfort, and insight from angels or other spiritual entities.

Each card in the deck features messages or symbols that are interpreted by the reader to reflect the asker’s life, thoughts, and emotions. People seek angel card readings for clarity, affirmation, or decision-making assistance, perhaps believing it can help them connect more deeply with their own intuition, so they can understand their life’s purpose, make choices, and open up to messages from their guardian angels or the divine.

In-Person Session : 20mins for $35



Psychic Fun Fridays

Angel Card Readings

Every 1st Friday | SPECIAL PRICE! |  20mins for $15

Intro to Shamanism

Thursday Weekdays in April 12:00 – 1:30PM

Thursday Evenings in May 6:00 – 8:00PM

FREE to Attend

  • Learn how shamanism can guide and heal life’s challenges.
  • Experience a guided shamanic journey

Shamanism Basics 3-Week Class

Thursday Weekdays in April 11, 18, 25 12:00 – 1:30PM

Thursday Evenings in May 2, 9, 16, 23 6:00 – 8:00PM

$80 per person

  • Learn basics of shamanism
  • Meet your guide
  • Meet your protector
  • Journey to form relationships with guide and protector
  • Receive information to solve situations.
  • Gain confidence to journey on your own.

Sweetgrass Circle

Shamanic Journeywork Group

Every 2nd Saturday 1-2:30PM | $22 per person

We come together after learning to journey into non-ordinary reality, embracing each others’ styles, techniques, revelations… Weaving ourselves into a Circle… Supporting each others’ beauty and gifts. 

We continue learning as we journey together — learning journey techniques, bringing InSpirations into ordinary reality and working with the InFormation they hold. Merging the omniscience of Spirit with our Walk in Form through this amazing experience we call Life.

And all the while, we are held in the power of the supportive Sweetgrass Circle, amazed at the depth of journey travel together. 

Each session will begin with a lesson introducing the theme of the journey. 

Open to all who have completed the Shamanic Basics Class OR have prior journeywork experience

(please contact Patricia for an interview).


Empowering others to examine their consciousness, heal their lives and relationships, and create lives of meaning and beauty.


A World re-woven Inlove, revealing a place we can all call Heaven on Earth. How? By trusting our Higher Selves, working together in unity, honing our skills of being in true relationship with ourselves, each other, and all nature.


Patricia Chrystycz (Chris-stitch, like Cross-stitch!)
Everyday Shaman

Shamanically named “The Sound of Spirit’s Hum at the Edge of the Rainbow,” Patricia is an intuitive, self-initiated shaman who loves to show people how to bring energy practices to everyday life.

Patricia’s shamanic medicine is Angel Medicine (an Upper World Medicine) which she combines with energy techniques such as Reiki to provide comprehensive healing sessions, unveiling, revealing, and transmuting the underlying discords of dis-ease.

Patricia’s personal philosophy of striving to be totally guided by Spirit in every moment (however that manifests – as intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claricognizance) is very much evident in every healing and teaching situation.

Being InUnity with Spirit allows her to tend to people of all faiths and backgrounds, helping to reveal the healthy, beautiful, loving Being in each and all. Supported by her personal eternal qualities of Trust, Respect, Communion/Community, Recognition, Truth, Gentleness, and Blossoming, Patricia InJoys opening others to the vibrant possibilities of Life, which abundantly flow for All. She constantly strives to recognize energy, allowing its movements, shapes, and patterns to guide herself and others more easily through this world with the goal of all walking Spirit in Form.

Patricia likes to say “nothing is wasted in the Mind of God…” so she weaves her myriad of life experiences into every holistic healing, including:

  • Shamanic apprenticeship and continuing studies
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Corporate management (MBA)
  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Angel card reading
  • Deep contemplative work creating Passionate Passageways to 5th Earth
  • Dementia caregiving
  • Alternative health care research
  • Spiritual/metaphysical studies

When she’s not in formal healing/learning/teaching mode, you can find Patricia communing with nature at the beach or receiving Inspiration from plants, InJoying her 100-year-old apartment with her 45 year old parrot, or playing with friends.

Sunrises, sunsets, a child’s touch, a well-placed word, the smell of coffee and the taste of chocolate, a spark of knowing, a shady breeze, a hand held Inlove… these are her favorite things as they speak to her of the unstoppable continuity of Life and the promise always of a New Dawn.

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