The Satori VibroAcoustic Meditation Chair

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VibroAcoustic Meditation Chair

How It Helps : Are you having a hard time coming back to center?  The VibroAcoustic Chair can help you unwind and reach a deeply meditative state. 

Under 30mins $45 | Over 30mins, $60

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Modes :

Meditation Energy: Our Signature series programs range from Grounding and stress relief to Energetic cleansing and mind-body regeneration. (six 25-minute modes)

Vibrational Wellness: A series of four voice-guided programs ranging from 16 minutes to 50 minutes, focusing on mind/body wellness and healing.

  • Emotional Healing – 20 minutes
  • Mind Body Detox – 16 minutes
  • Mindful Relaxation – 24 minutes
  • Cellular Massage – 50 minutes

Chakra Balance: A series of six 20-minute programs designed to align each Chakra energy of the body, while guiding brainwaves to a deep meditative state.

Gamma Series: A series of four Gamma wave programs for better focus, memory retention, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion and benevolence.

Behavioral Change – Weight Management: Through repeated use, this entrainment process can help addiction by allowing neural pathways to be rewritten, promoting lifelong behavior changes. 

How It Works

Therapeutic sound frequencies are projected through the body using binaural beats audio, synchronized with the vibration of the uniquely designed meditation chair, while wearing a light blocking blindfold.

There are a number of modes to choose from, harmoniously designed to train your mind and body to relax. 

What clients are saying

The Vibroacoustic Chair helps my body and mind to achieve a state of peace and relaxation together harmoniously. It’s just blissful.” Jen

The magic of the VibroAcoustic Chair is that it provides the perfect sensations needed to enter a relaxed state quicker and deeper.” – Eric

“I was able to eliminate my anxiety within minutes! The VibroAcoustic Chair is a blend of vibrations and sound that creates an instant meditative state…an altogether awesome experience! – Danielle

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