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Sight, SoundScent, Taste,  TouchExtrasensory

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Cutting-Edge Wellness Technologies

The Satori VibroAcoustic Chair| $45-60

First Session FREE! View landing page for details.

Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction.
Supports Mental Clarity & Focus.

Expertly designed programs help to align your mindset, your chakras, positively rewire your nervous system to relieve chronic stress, addiction, weight gain and more.

Red Light Therapy | $1 per minute

Improve Skin Health and Appearance.
Enhance Muscle Recovery. Boost Immunity.

The BioMat® | $1 per minute

Warming Infrared Mat, Promotes Circulation and Relaxation. Ease Pain and Inflammation & Feel Recharged. FDA approved.

Binaural Beats Headphones | $15 for 30mins

Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction.
Melt Away Tension & Discomfort.

The Dolphin Neurostim | $100 for 60mins

Add-On to CranioSacral Therapy for $25

Soft Tissue Pain Relief. Scar Reduction. Long COVID Treatment.

Healy Diagnostic | $100 for 60mins

Add-On to CranioSacral Therapy for $25

Personalized Health Insights Through Bioresonance.
Helps You Balance Your Energetic Systems & Aims to Boost Vitality.

Relax, Reset and Rejuvenate with a Wellness Membership

Enjoy 4 sessions each on the VibroAcoustic Chair, BioMat and Red Light Therapy per month at an affordable rate, exclusive access to members-only events and a range of other perks.

3-Month, 6-Month and Annual Options Available

Become a patron of our all-ages community, connect with like-minded souls and make yourself accountable to self-care. It’s a win-win!

Practitioner Services

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

(QHHT®) | $300 for 240mins

Helps You Connect with Your “Higher Self”
and Even Experience Past-Life Regression.
Facilitates Emotional Well-Being, Personal Growth
and Spiritual Exploration.

CranioSacral Therapy | $150 – 225 for 60-90mins

Supports Central Nervous System Function.
Clients Have Reported Relief from Symptoms of Chronic Pain, Digestive Issues, Migraine, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and more.

ThetaHealing®| $22-$186 for 60mins

Release Limiting Beliefs and Outdated Emotional Patterns.
Support Your Spiritual Growth and Self-Awareness.

Packages of sessions available

Prana & Meridian Energy Therapies | $40 – 150 for 20-50mins

Aims to Balance Energy Channels and Promote Vitality.
Clients Report an Overall Sense of Well-Being and Freedom from “Stuckness”.

Acupuncture | $30-135

Support the Body’s Natural Energy Flow & Balance.
Assist with Pain Relief and Relaxation.

NEW! VibroAcoupuncture | $65-120

A unique combination of two of our most popular modalities. Slip into a blissful sensory meditation in the chair, amplified with the benefits of Acupuncture.

Astrology Chart | $150

Increase Your Self-Awareness and Understanding of Life Patterns.
Gain Guidance for Personal Growth & Decision-Making.

 Shamanic Energy Healing | $40 – 130

Enhance your healing journey with a spiritual guide, who connects with “non-reality” to provide you with a range of  energy clearing services.

Intuitive Medicine Counseling | $135-175

A Form of Therapy That Combines Traditional Counseling Techniques with Intuitive Insights. Tap Into Your Intuition and Gain Insights into Personal Issues, Challenges or Goals.

Hypnotherapy | $450

A Form of Therapy That Uses Hypnosis to Help Individuals Make Positive Changes in Their Thoughts, Behaviors or Emotions.

Psychic / Mediumship | $60-150

A Space for Closure and Healing.
Facilitate Spiritual Connection and Communication with Loved Ones Who Have Passed.

The Lucia No. 03 Light | $65-133

Induce Deeply Relaxing Brainwaves Usually Found After Years of Meditation Practice. Boost Your Mental Clarity and Banish Creative Blocks.

View landing page for 1-on-1 & group session details.

Intuitive Life Coaching & Tarot Readings  | $35 – $85

With Cards and Spiritual Coaching, Gain Insight into Past & Current Situations in Your Life. Tap Into Your Intuition So You Can See the Path Ahead More Clearly.

“Happy Breathwork” Method | $40-150+

Bring your body into a state of relaxation and bliss. Release pent-up emotions. Find your center and just BREATHE!

Herbal Tonics, Tinctures & Foot Baths | $7-25+

Relax and Treat Your Body Right with Expertly Crafted Herbal Infusions from Magick in a Bottle.

Herbalist Consultation | $35-200

Personalized Herbal Recommendations and Wellness Plans.
Support Improved Health & Vitality, Naturally!

Integrative and Intuitive Massage | $150 – 225

Reduce Muscle Tension and Promote Relaxation.
Improve Circulation and Flexibility.

Safe & Sacred Spaces | $130 – 200

Shift your energy, receive love. These sessions are a catalyst for extreme growth and evolution!