What Are the Benefits of Membership at Spirit Well?

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Calling all Supermoms, Type A Overachievers, Remote Workers with Cabin Fever, Desperate Dads, Power Players Running on Fumes, Entrepreneurs on Empty…

Spirit Well Sensory Lounge has an AMAZING and AFFORDABLE answer to transform your stress-ridden lifestyle into an oasis of calm, peace, and bliss.

We are so often bombarded with the message that we must put ourselves first. We are getting better at taking care of tangible things like a haircut or getting a pedicure. But what about things that are unseen like our stress level and inability to calm our own minds? Many of us have convinced ourselves that it is self-indulgent to take time out for such things. Once we have reached our breaking point, we decide to go out with friends and eat heaps of unhealthy food and consume copious amounts of alcohol. But what if there was a better way to put yourself first?

Some days we have to remove ourselves from the environment that contributes to our overworked nervous systems and subsequent stress. This has been compounded by more of us navigating working from home than ever before. There is a reason why weekends exist, and it isn’t to complete your never-ending to-do list. We need some downtime to help us rest and recharge.

It can be incredibly difficult to get even a few moments to yourself at home. Parents need a little time away – it helps us be better parents and, by extension, raise lovely little humans. Sometimes you have to step back for a bit to truly be present for what really matters in life. 

If you STILL aren’t convinced to put yourself first, remember that it takes time to reframe our minds and to adjust to new mindsets. Instead of thinking about all the bad habits we want to stop, perhaps it’s time to make positive changes and create NEW self-care habits. Wouldn’t it be something if we could feel proud for making ourselves a priority instead of judging our questionable choices when we are stressed?

Think of the monthly membership at Spirit Well as a gateway to making ‘putting yourself first’ your FAVORITE new habit. The services included in the membership would be $320 if purchased separately, which is an amazing value. 

For as little as $50/month for an annual membership, you can access our sanctuary for 12 opportunities PER MONTH to experience life-changing technologies designed to reset your nervous system and regenerate all the cells in your body.

It includes 4 sessions per month each of Red Light Therapy, The Biomat, and  The VibroAcoustic Chair.

These technologies are so calming and rejuvenating experienced individually, or in combination as a maintenance protocol. They can also help you extend the good feelings, process your experience and ease back into your body after a session with one of our wellness practitioners.

The Biomat, Red Light Therapy, or the VibroAcoustic Chair can all be beautiful bridges from that relaxation to getting in your car and driving home. A vital part of self-care is learning to listen to your body. Wouldn’t it be nice to add on something you need at that moment without worrying about affordability, or making an appointment days in advance? 

The Spirit Well membership gives some additional flexibility in the cost structure as well:

  • If you’re a year-round resident, the $50/month annual membership is a wonderful option. 
  • The $60/month 6-month membership is great for students or seasonal residents. 
  • The $75/month 3-month membership is great for seasonal residents that stay for shorter periods, or people that have fluctuations in their availability throughout the year. 

The intention behind the diverse options is to ensure that conscious living is affordable for everyone! 

There is also flexibility in the scheduling of your membership-based services. Some people need to have services on their calendar, or even a standing appointment to make things work; while others need the flexibility to stop in when they are really feeling drained, or are in need of a pick-me-up and book whatever technology is available.

There is nothing worse than having to wait for an appointment at a spa for two weeks when you desperately need a reset TODAY. Spirit Well makes it a priority to offer a flexible scheduling experience so you can get what you need from your membership. 

Think of peaceful lounge space as your retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you visit, it’s “your time” to disconnect and actually put yourself first. Remember that you deserve it. We all do.


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