What is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Like with Tracey Etelson?

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A Client’s QHHT Experience

Wondering what a QHHT session is like? Tracey does her utmost to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She is a level 2 practitioner and has done over 100 sessions, so you will be in very capable hands. Her sense of humor and kindness made this a wonderful experience for me. 

First, you will go through and tell her about your life. This may seem daunting, but Tracey is compassionate and comes from a place of non-judgement. She will ask you to recall important events and you will likely think about things you haven’t thought of for years, but in a good way. I was surprised at how much I became aware of and how I was able to acknowledge the growth I have already experienced in my life. 

After this lovely talk, it is time to look inward in this guided journey. Tracey has many techniques to help you reach the lucid dream-like state that is QHHT. If you are worried about your ability to reach that dream state, then perhaps you should do some guided meditations with visualization prior to your session. But rest assured that this modality will be appropriate for you whether you have never meditated in your life or if you do so daily. 

It can be difficult to let go of preconceived notions that you have about hypnosis. One may wonder, if they will feel out of control. But the very premise of QHHT is that you remain completely in control. Not to share spoilers, but part of the process addresses this very issue. Tracey sees herself as a facilitator and you will remain in the driver’s seat. Remember this was developed very thoughtfully by Dolores Cannon and Tracey carries on her legacy beautifully. 

Since it is your higher-self guiding this, you needn’t fear the process or the content that is shared with you. Your higher self knows how to present this to you and trust is paramount. So you will only see what you are ready to see, and it will seem like you are watching a movie. I was surprised at how little emotion I had while watching things unfold. I also attribute this to Tracey’s skill as a practitioner and her intention to help her clients receive information without experiencing overwhelming emotions. 

When I booked the session, Tracey shared a few practical tips. In order to get the most out of this, she suggests that you record the session so you can refer to it later. All you need is a fully charged phone with a recording app. Afterwards, I listened to it again and transcribed it so I could go back and revisit it. I was surprised at how much of it I didn’t consciously remember and it makes it less time consuming to refer back once you have it in writing. We also had a snack when the interview part of the process was nearly finished. 

You may be wondering what type of monetary investment or time that is involved in this. The average session takes about 4 hours including the discussion of your life beforehand. The cost for the session is $300, but Spirit Well does offer a payment plan so please inquire about that when you book your appointment. Remember that this was intended to be a one and done modality so this won’t be a weekly or monthly expense. And aren’t you worth it?

I highly recommend stopping into Spirit Well Sensory Lounge to chat with Tracey. Once you feel her energy, and she is able to explain the process, you will know if QHHT resonates with you. Since they take a consultative approach, you will leave feeling informed, and knowing that you made the best choice possible. 

Thanks for reading! – Heidi

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